ATV Private Tours Muskoka, Ontario


Tours include ATV/UTV, helmet, goggles, fuel and guide.

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                        ATV                   UTV                                             (Your machine)
1 Hour           $165                $185                 $35                           $35  

2 Hour          $195                $225                $50                           $50

3 Hour         $235                $265                 $60                           $75

Operators are required to be a minimum of 16 years of age

a valid driver’s  G license to operate ATV and UTV's. 

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4x4, Power steering &  locking differential


Muskoka Wild private ATV & UTV tours. Our Wilderness Trails offer you access to over 1000 Acres of pristine backcountry tours. Our private trails are just that... very private. Our tours are... how did you guess? Private. Your personal guide will help you understand the practical operation of the equipment. You are able to choose the pace of your adventure while we facilitate a great experience.

ATV rentals and ATV Tours in Muskoka, Ontario

Operator Safety Terms and Release:
1. An operator must be 16 years of age or older with a minimum of a valid G drivers license to operate a RENTAL UNIT on a GUIDED Tour.
2. All Operators must sign a Waiver of All Claims, Release from Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.
3. Passengers under 19 years of age and over 12 years of age must have their legal guardian/parent sign a Children’s Waiver of All Claims, Release from Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.
4. Operator and passenger must wear proper safety equipment when operating RENTAL UNIT on a GUIDED TOUR.
5. Operator must be the ONLY operator of this RENTAL UNIT on a GUIDED TOUR.
6. Operator agrees there are to be NO MINORS operating this RENTAL UNIT on a GUIDED. TOUR.
7. Operator agrees that he/she will not consume alcohol, drugs, or ingest any substances that could/would adversely affect my ability to safely/successfully operate the RENTAL UNIT on a GUIDED TOUR.
8. Operator agrees to avoid driving in any areas where the Operator believes that he does not have the skill to operate in.
9. Operator agrees that he/she have been thoroughly briefed on how to safely operate the RENTAL UNIT on a GUIDED TOUR and/or have established themselves as competent to operate the RENTAL UNIT on a GUIDED TOUR.
10. Operator agrees in the case of damages, repairs, recovery fees or any additional cost associated arising from incident, accident, improper use or by any other cause, the lessee credit card supplied when booking will be charged.

Refund Policy Terms and Release:
1. To reserve your RENTAL UNIT, Operator agrees to pay 50% deposit which is a non-refundable booking payment charged on his/her credit card to confirm their reservation. The remaining balance will be charged to the given credit card 14 days prior to your adventure.
2. Operator agrees that there are NO REFUNDS on reservation payment. Cancellations 14 days or more prior to booked adventure deposit can be reused at a later date with any one of our adventures at equal or greater value. 13 day or less prior to booked adventure, the deposit is non-reusable.
3.Trail closures: We do not control the trail systems. You are able to re-book at a later date with any one of our adventures.
4. Dangerous Weather or acts of God: We do not control the weather, if we cancel your adventure due to dangerous weather conditions, You are able to re-book at a later date with any one of our adventures. 
5. Operator agrees to arrive 15 minutes earlier than scheduled Guided Tour Time.
6. Operator agrees that there are no refunds/discounts if the Operator is late arriving for his/her adventure and can no longer participate due to scheduling.
7. Tour company has the right to stop any rental due to insolent or reckless behavior for your safety with no refunds issued.

RENTAL UNIT POLICY AND TERMS Definitions of terms used in this document:
RENTAL UNIT: ATV, UTV or Snowmobile.
RENTER: Authorized Driver of RENTAL UNIT
PASSENGER: Passenger of RENTAL UNIT (not driving the machine)
RESERVATION PAYMENT: payment charged to Credit Cardholder to reserve a RENTAL UNIT.
SECURITY DAMAGE DEPOSIT: Pre-Authorized held deposit charged to Credit Card Holder and then released when RENTAL UNIT is returned in good standing, not damaged.

Rental Unit Condition Terms, Damages and Release:
1. Renter agrees to a $2,000 pre-authorization security damage deposit charge on credit card for each RENTAL UNIT rented from the Rental company. The security damage deposit is returned to the Renter once the RENTAL UNIT is returned and inspected and found to be in the same condition it was rented out.
2. Renter agrees to check-in (return) the RENTAL UNIT in the EXACT same condition it was in upon check- out (pickup). Note: acceptable tire tread-wear is expected, however excessive wear/damage will be charged.
3. Renter agrees that ANY and ALL damages/losses sustained to the RENTAL UNIT during the rental period are to be paid for by the renter.
4. Renter agrees to pay for damages/losses/penalties for the (RENTAL UNIT) out of his/her security deposit and if the damages exceed the security deposit then his/her credit card will automatically be charged the additional cost.
5. Renter agrees that he/she will NOT submerge the RENTAL UNIT in rivers, mud-holes, swamps, water-basins or any other body of water beyond the RENTAL UNIT’s designed capabilities. If upon inspection it is obvious the RENTAL UNIT has been submerged, the security deposit will be charged for any and all cost associated.
6. Renter agrees to return the RENTAL UNIT as clean as it was when it was checked out. Failure to do so will result in $35 (RENTAL UNIT) cleaning fee unless otherwise stated by the rental facility.
7. Renter agrees to return the RENTAL UNIT with the same amount of gas as it had when it was checked out. Failure to do so will result in fuel charges in the amount of $2 per liter which will be deducted from your security deposit.
8. Renter agrees to operate RENTAL UNIT on licensed Off-Road-Vehicle areas and legal property/roadways only. If RENTAL UNIT is rendered inoperable, regardless of who’s at fault, on any property other than a mapped and licensed Off-Road-Vehicle area, the renter will be charged any and all recovery costs to bring the RENTAL UNIT back to the rental facility

9. Renter agrees to return RENTAL UNIT no later than the booked return time, even if the start time was later than the booked start time. If the renter is more than 5 minutes late, a late charge of $20 per 5 minutes or part thereof will be charged to the renter's credit card.



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